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2528 Reba Drive Houston, Texas

This one-of-a-kind custom home is located in an historic Upper Kirby neighborhood. Nearby is a new urban/mixed-use development featuring some of Houston’s finest shops and restaurants. All just minutes away from Greenway Plaza, Downtown, The Galleria and the Texas Medical Center and within walking distance to River Oaks Elementary.

Design & Construction Team

The home was designed by one of Houston’s top architects, Kevin Dahlstrand of Dahlstrand Architecture, and it is being brought to life by Nicholas Silvers of Silvers homes. Finished out like a fine custom home, you’ll love the spacious, open floor-plan, high ceilings, outdoor space and room for a pool! This design-obsessed duo is creating an Avalon Place gem that has something for everyone.

Image Courtesy of Dahlstrand Architecture

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